Before meeting Ashley, I was an avid runner, but an ankle injury made running for several months virtually impossible.  I soon discovered Ashley’s spin class, which was utterly cathartic. On a physical level, I am the healthiest I’ve been in my adult life.  After working with Ashley, I am stronger, fitter, and I sleep better.  Ashley is a highly motivated, transformative, and supportive trainer and spin instructor.  I highly recommend her.  She will change your life.

– Waverly D., Pittsburgh, PA


The reason why I even consider  myself a fellow athlete is because of Ashley. She has been an inspiration for me to reach my goals through spinning. Little did I know, spinning became the spark for my wellness, physically and emotionally. Ashley’s indoor cycling guidance lead me to pursue my own instructing certification and helped me gain some unbelievable confidence which lead me to pursing multiples races such as the Mighty Matapeake Triathlon. What I most appreciate is her encouragement for me to reach my full potential; not accepting any excuses or second guesses.

– Justin C., Pittsburgh, PA


Ashley is passionate about fitness! She is passionate about making others passionate about fitness. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, Ashley is your coach.  She has conducted classes for my daughters rowing team and given her training plans.  I have seen her instruct and encourage first time spinning students.  She is a great resource no matter what your goal.

– Julie L, Pittsburgh, PA


Ashley has challenged me to push past my comfort zones to reach new limits. My workouts with her have always zoomed by because she keeps it interesting and fun with variation and great music! Ashley has years of experience in coaching and she knows how to get results. I always find myself fully exhausted and feeling amazing after a workout with Ashley!

– Gwen K., Pittsburgh, PA


As a competitive high school athlete, I had the privilege to be trained by Ashley Barr Soske. As a division I athlete, she continues to inspire me with her stamina, grace, and humility as a mother, coach, friend, and triathlete. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ashley’s training
gave me the hope and willpower to not sulk in the loss of my first racing season and spring semester but to pursue heightening my athletic, academic, and personal performance. Ashley is one of my biggest role models because she encompasses everything I want to achieve athletically and interpersonally. To be in the presence of a woman who has accomplished so much in so little time on her own is a gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

– Angie M., USA National Lightweight Doubles Rowing Champion 2019, Pittsburgh, PA

The past two summers I took Aqua Fit classes from Ashley for one hour, three days a week. The classes were non stop exercise, accompanied by lively music from her personal play list. Ashley led the exercises to show the class the moves. It was an exhilarating experience. I highly recommend this enthusiast teacher!

– Steve W., Pittsburgh, PA


Ashley shows a true passion for helping others set goals and achieve them. She is always very in tune with my abilities and life and presents helpful weekly plans based on them. Ashley is good at offering alternative workouts when she senses the need to alter based on a post or upcoming race, injury or exhaustion, but she never lets me settle in a workout. I am a hands on person so I love that Ashley is the kind of coach that will do workouts along side me when able. She constantly checks in on my progress and pushes me to be my best self.

– Meagan O., South Carolina


Ashley is one of the most motivating people I know.  She will push you to go further than you ever thought you can go.  She will challenge you but be your biggest cheerleader.  I have learned so much from taking her spin and aquafit classes over the years.  She can bring out the best in you.

– Cindi D., Pittsburgh, PA


This past year we were extremely lucky to have Coach Ashley as our cross country coach. For many of us on the girls XC team, this was our first season running competitively. Ashley’s experience as a runner helped us significantly in reaching our potential and ultimately in having a very successful season. As our only female coach, we looked up to her and what she had accomplished, viewing her as a role model for what we too could achieve. Apart from training and preparing us for success, she was genuinely a lovely person to have as our coach. We could turn to her for advice, but also for reassurance and support. Ashley wanted to help us become the best runners we could be, which is an incredibly valuable trait in a coach. Even after the season ended, Ashley offered many of us a spot in her spin classes so that we could continue to train. For myself this was an amazing opportunity and something I looked forward to every week. Through Ashley’s coaching I was able to grow stronger and become a better athlete, and I am extremely grateful.

– Clara K., XC Runner, Pittsburgh, PA


Ashley’s watchful eye focuses on the smallest detail of proper spinning form and methods. From setting the right height of my seat for maximum stroke power and guiding us in the proper purchase of cycle footwear to maximize a balanced push pull revolution of the pedals, Ashley invests time in the foundational principles of spinning for each of her students. Even checking on and correcting my anatomical form on my cycle has helped me with better breathing patterns and focusing on building specific muscle group strength. 

– Karl S., Pittsburgh, PA